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Title [Company Analysis] Europe-recognized differentiated cosmetics 'Aroma yong'
Posted by admin (ip:)
  • Date 2020-08-28 14:36:01
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[Company Analysis] Europe-recognized differentiated cosmetics 'Aroma yong'

Jeju Organic and Natural Raw Materials, K-beauty Based on Aromatherapy

Various support projects by the Seoul Industrial Promotion Agency (SBA),

which was established to promote the Seoul city government's policies for promoting industrial development and fostering small and medium-sized enterprises, are drawing keen attention as they serve as incubators for small and medium-sized startups within the government. The Seoul Industrial Promotion Agency's support projects, which offer a variety of services, including startups, distribution, education, content, patents and R&D, with the key aim of creating good jobs, are said to be the foundation for small and medium start-ups to become "strong companies." As a result, SBA (Seoul Industrial Promotion Agency) and digital economic newspaper Business Report will publish success stories of many small and medium start-ups that have succeeded through SBA's support business.

This is an era in which consumers scrutinize raw materials that products contain rather than just trends. In particular,

 for cosmetics applied to the skin, consumers are increasingly inclined to check more closely.

AROMA YONG, which was established in 2015 by CEO Yong Sun-hee, is an aromatherapy-based cosmetics manufacturer and seller that presents products containing only good ingredients such as natural essential oils in line with consumers' needs.

Aroma yong has been stepping up its foray into the global market by establishing its presence as a leading aromatherapy cosmetics company in South Korea,

 with a total of 30 branches including five Swiss luxury department stores, three Manor and 22 Coop City in 2017.

# Aromatherapy-based cosmetics containing organic and natural ingredients in Jeju

Aroma Yong, which started in 2015 on Jeju Island,

is introducing cosmetics that contain the natural fragrance of terra-futile essential oils blanded by aromatherapy based on Jeju's unique organic and natural ingredients. In particular,

the company uses only the best materials that are safe and harmless to the skin using EWG safety grade ingredients. The company explained that it is not only thoroughly examining whether the same ingredients are refined or unprocessed,

but also introducing products that maximize the effect of skin improvement by finding the optimal mix ratio.

Aroma Yong's main product is HomeSpa Kit (three types of aromatherapy masks +Frankinsense Q10 Serum).

 It is a spa routine product that uses mask packs that fit skin conditions every day and coats skin by layering them with a nutrition serum even though it does not find expensive spas.

Frankincense Q10 serum does not undergo refining process, so it contains organic, non-fertilized,

 Ho-Hoba seed oil and rose-Hip oil, which contains all the nutrients unique to the oil.

 Strengthens the rough and dry skin barrier to give a glossy skin texture and presents a resilient and fresh skin with a representative antioxidant, Coenjaim Q10.

"Considering whether it is a rare hyaluronic acid or pure hyaluronic acid, we see cosmetics that really improve our skin," Yong said.

"The effects of vegetable oils are clearly different depending on whether they are refined or unfertilized," he said. "Aromayons are making cosmetics that have different feelings without compromising with the ingredients."

# Differentiated K-beauty recognized by self-respecting Europe

In a drastic industrial structure in which numerous personal cosmetics are made and disappeared for a short period of time amid the K-beauty craze,

Aromayong advocates a differentiated K-beauty that, if somewhat slow, can be loved by consumers for a long time. Yong, who is a professional aromatherapyist,

 found the optimal mix of natural essential oils and organic raw materials according to the purpose of improving. The Kool Mint aromatherapy mask contains the Jeju Jorit Great Extract,

Hooba Seed Oil and Aloe Vera Leaf Water with spearmint, Sweet Orange and Pachali Aroma Special Oil. I can feel the smell of frescier when I go to Jeju valley or forest.

"The Aroma products contain natural ingredients from Jeju, but they don't look like special products," Yong said.

"We worked hard to express Jeju's aromatherapy," he said. "We didn't hurry up and set up a local strategy in each country to prepare and wait.

 We are seeking to differentiate ourselves amid the K-beauty flood by releasing products that have different feelings and effects," he stressed.

Products developed as the optimal mix found by Aroma Yong were also recognized in European countries with strong self-esteem. In 2017,

 Aroma Yong entered the most offline stores among Korean cosmetics companies. Currently, Aroma Yong can meet at a total of 30 branches,

including five of the Swiss luxury department stores, three of the Manor and 22 of the Coop City.

"Our relationship with Switzerland started in 2017 with incense," Yong said. The buyer,

 who served as CEO of the global Cosmetics group and became CEO of a cosmetics distributor,

fell in love with the natural flavor that resembles that of Jeju in the aromatherapy facial mask, and signed a contract in recognition of the quality of all ingredients," he said,

adding that because Swiss consumers are close to the Alps, products including cosmetics look for natural organic.

 Cosmetics made in Switzerland are sold at high prices because they contain clean natural extracts. I was more than happy to be praised for the brand story and identity for Aroma," he said.

# Become a leading aromatherapy-based cosmetics company in Korea

Aroma Yong is gaining ground in global markets beyond South Korea. It is actively expanding European markets such as Germany, Poland, the U.K.

and Sweden by making inroads into Switzerland in 2017 and is rapidly expanding into North American and Southeast Asian markets in addition to European markets. In July,

he succeeded in entering India, and in September, CEO Yong Sun-hee plans to personally appear on Russian home shopping "Shop 24" to promote Aroma Yong in Russian,

taking advantage of his experience studying ballet in Russia.

"This year, we will introduce the Aroma Yong brand to emerging markets such as Southeast Asia,

Russia and Brazil, where we are focusing on growing the brand into a good base in China, and also introduce it to emerging markets such as Southeast Asia,

Russia, and Brazil," Yong said. "We will meet consumers in person and develop contents unique to the Aroma Yong brand through Jeju Island's offline showroom opening next year.

``I have expressed my ambition.

출처 : 비즈니스리포트(http://www.businessreport.kr)

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