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Title Aroma Yong CEO Yong Sun Hee, “Expanding Korea domestic and global markets following Europe and the USA”
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  • Date 2020-03-30 12:59:34
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Aroma Yong CEO Yong Sun Hee

Expanding Korea domestic and global markets following Europe and the USA”


Developed as a cosmetic that can be used for our whole life through analysis of strict ingredients

Aroma Yong, entered in more than 30 department stores in Switzerland.


Aromatherapy brand Aroma Yong, which contains the natural aroma blending of international aromatherapists and Jeju's nature, is launching new products and expanding the domestic and global markets.


Aroma Yong first let it’s know the name in the European market before let it’s know the name in the Korea domestic market. In particular, it has been recognized by entering more than 30 branches of Swiss department stores, which are famous for being difficult in Europe.

Since then, strengthening their position through various duty-free shops, open markets, Amazon, and other domestic and overseas online and offline channels.

What is the secret to entering and establishing the European market, which can be said to be the origin of aromatherapy? I met Yong Sun –Hee, a CEO who developed and studied aromatherapy for 5 years.

Natural Aromatherapy Yong Sun-Hee, CEO of Aroma Yong Co., Ltd. is directly testing essential oils.


Nowadays, competition is very intense, such as organic and vegan cosmetics. Why did you choose aromatherapy as the theme and business item among basic cosmetics?


Aromatherapy is called aroma(scent) therapy. Essential oils extracted from various parts of scented plants are inhaled into the nose or applied to the skin. Then you can see the therapy effect, so it can be said to be a real well-being therapy. In addition, since the fragrance of natural plants stabilizes the mind and has good conditioning effect when applied to the skin, I think it is an essential item for those who have various stresses and skin concerns.


Are there any differences between aroma oils and essential oils for aromatherapy?


Aroma oil is literally scented oil, and essential oil is extract oil extracted from plants. Since essential oils have a strong energy with only one drop because they are undiluted, blending them with plant base oils (jojoba, almond, avocado, etc.) enhances the skin effect.

When choosing an oil, the combination of the plant's birth place and ingredients is important, as if a person had a birth certificate, and if it is an organic certified oil, it can be believed to be differentiated from soil to organic extraction. Aroma Yong oils are selected and used for non-mixed and therapy grade oils.


Rose Otto Revival Cream’ released through strict ingredient analysis


I heard that there is tremendous research and effort for the recipe for Aroma Yong products. What products are newly launched this year?


Aroma Yong is not a brand that wants to see a trend or concept in a short period of time. I started developing a brand with the hope that it would be a cosmetic that I could use all my life. The brand name was also created my last name after Aroma, and it took me 5 years to launch the product as I started working on recipes while carefully selecting ingredients. The new product launched this year is “Rose Otto Revival Cream,” which contains a real rose rather than a rose concept. It is full of rich fragrance and highly concentration of rose, and can complete home spa therapy.


In fact, the Rose Otto Revival Cream is ▲ Damask Rose Hydrosol Water that helps skin vitality and soothing, ▲ Unrefined vegetable oil and pure essential oil blending that can be healed by skin nutrition and aromatherapy, ▲ Ceramide and low molecule excellent in moisturizing effect It is made with hyaluronic acid powder, ▲ Trehalose and Panthenol for skin soothing and moisturizing, ▲ Niacinamide and Adenosine for skin tone and texture improvement, and organic certified ingredients, and I would like to recommend it to those who meticulously check the quality of raw materials.


Aroma Yong What countries are focusing on with strict ingredients?


Starting with the European market, where the aromatherapy market was activated, last year, it knocked on the door of the United States, including entering the Amazon. As the US distribution network is expanding, this year, the Korea domestic market is also planning to actively develop sales channels.


What are your plans for Aroma Yong in the future?


As mentioned earlier, the Korea domestic market is also planning to expand after the European market. In the domestic and global markets, I would like to become a representative brand of Korea Aromatherapy that can satisfy both body and mind stability and skin care at the same time with home spa therapy routines enjoyed at home by Aroma Yong.


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