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Title Living energy, Jeju nature and aromatherapy cosmetics heal the world
Posted by admin (ip:)
  • Date 2019-07-15 15:35:42
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Living energy, Jeju nature and aromatherapy cosmetics heal the world

The Korean wave craze that started with drama has continued to be cosmetics. What cosmetics apply Korean actors is? how look so pretty. The export of Korean cosmetics started from the curiosity of Korean drama fans. It is now recognized as K-beauty in the world and the government and local governments are leading the cosmetics and food industry. They supports a cosmetics company that implements Korea's color and develops it as a global cosmetics company. One of the most popular companies recently attracted attention is Aroma Yong. Aroma Yong is a beauty brand based on natural ingredients that harness the power of Jeju.

The clean cosmetics contain Storytelling

Consumption of cosmetics occurs depending on the brand image. In the past, cosmetics made by large corporations and cosmetics advertised by beautiful female entertainers were sold. Recently, cosmetics consumption standards have changed to ingredients. Incidents of humidifier disinfectants, pesticide eggs, and other social events have made consumers smarter. The safety of the ingredients must be checked before buying cosmetics, but something has been overlooked.

"There are many consumers who see all the ingredients of cosmetics. In some ways natural cosmetics are the trend, but they need reasonable doubt. Whether natural cosmetics is good or fashionable, therefore, you have to judge whether or not to buy. When you buy cosmetics, all ingredients have to be judged like nothing else. The quality of the ingredients. "


Aromatherapy cosmetics company was born in Jeju Island in 2015. Yong sun hee' s belief of the Aroma Yong representative and to listen what her opinion. purchased cosmetics because it contains hyaluronic acid belonging to EWG green grade. Would it be good for skin as expected? Ms Yong, "diluted hyaluronic acid, authentic pure hyaluronic acid, if verify the specification of ingredients then you can see cosmetics that really improved the skin.

"Whether it is a refined oil or a non-refined oil, plant oils also have a distinct divide an effect." Aroma Yong is making cosmetics that is different feeling and do not compromise on ingredients. We are pursuing differentiation in the K-beauty flood by releasing products with different feelings and effects. "

Aroma Yong is a cosmetics and life style brand based on aromatherapy of Jeju nature that has been slowly growing.

Although we may go more slowly than others, we devote our utmost to developing raw materials that determine the specifications of cosmetic ingredients. The clean nature of Jeju Island registered as a UNESCO heritage site. Based on the excellent organic and natural raw materials of Jeju, it has a natural aroma of teraputic essential oil blended by aroma therapist. It is a daily skin care brand that provides skin conditioning and mental and physical stability by blending natural ingredients and essential oils. Aroma Yong's flagship product, which has been in production for four years from this year, is the Home Spa Kit (three aromatherapy masks + Organic Frankincense Q10 Oil Serum). It is a spa routine product that uses mask pack suitable for skin condition every day and layering with nutrition serum to skin without searching expensive spa. The European market of great self-respect is disarmed in the home spa kit of aroma yong and is being exported to Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Europe. Europe is the most strict demanding cosmetics consumer in the beauty industry. Why did the European market fall in love Aroma Yong cosmetics?

This is because we trusted Aroma Yong with Teraputic essential oils of uncompromising quality obtained through thorough research and manufacturing.


Where is the product come from, a mysterious new cosmetics

There are so many cosmetics that pursue K-beauty. Many cosmetics were made and disappeared. An industrial structure where new products are born in two to three months. The Aroma Yong choose slower than fast. Reprsentative Yong Sun-hee said, "Contains natural ingredients of Jeju, but it does not look like a specialty of this region. "I tried to express the scent of Jeju, and she said not been hurry to prepared and waited for establish strategy to suit each country local place".

As a professional aromatherapist, She sought the optimal combination of natural essential oils and organic ingredients for skin improvement purposes. Cool Mint Aromatherapy Mask contains Jeju Sasa quelpaertensis extract, Jojoba seed oil, Aloe vera leaf spearmint, Sweet Orange, Patchouli Aroma essential oil. I can feel fresh incense when I went to the valley and forest of Jeju. Fresh Mandarin Aromatherapy Facial Mask contains Jeju Organic cactus fruit extract, niacinamide, jojoba seed oil, mandarin, lavender and petitgrain aroma essential oil. It smells like a citrus plant. Lovely Geranium Aromatherapy Facial & Neck Mask contains Jeju Organic Sasa quelpaertensis extract, Jeju Organic cactus fruit extract, Adenosine, Jojoba Seed Oil along with Grapefruit, Lavender, Geranium, Palmarosa Aroma Essential Oil, so care the skin lovely with a flower fresh aroma


When Ms Yong meets foreign buyer first time she usally let them take the product incense. The relationship with Switzerland in 2017 began with an incense. Buyer, who became CEO of Cosmetics Distributor, served as CEO of Global Cosmetics Group, which is fall in love to natural aroma resembling Jeju of Aromatherapy Facial Mask.

They recognize the quality of all ingredients then we signed a contract.

Aromatherapy products can be found at a total of 30 branches including 5 Globus, 3 Manor and 22 Coop cities. Aroma Yong was the most accessed products among the Korean cosmetics company in Switzerland. Case design that expresses the power of a drop of essential oil and the case containing four seasons of Jeju, it can choose according to the sales channel, and raised the likeability.

"Swiss consumers are close to the Alps, so products including cosmetics are looking for natural organic cotton. Cosmetics made in Switzerland are sold at high prices because they contain clean natural extracts. I was delighted to appreciate the Aroma Yong brand story and identity for highly. "

Korea Domestic consumers, meanwhile, are available at www.aromayong.com , its mall for Aroma Yong. Online platform ssg, and Gmarket. The offline stores can be found at Incheon International Airport's I'm Shopping Duty Free Shop, Lotte Department Store Ulsan, Daejeon Store, and Pierrot Five branches.